The 411 on 311

NYC311's mission is to provide the public with quick, easy access to all New York City government services and information.  The NYC311 dataset has been called the pulse of the city, and can add texture to research questions in public policy and civic technology fields. While the data set is available for free online on NYC's Open Data Portal, it is both difficult to use for analysis and challenging to interpret.

Using a Human-Centered Design approach to identify the overlapping priority needs of the diverse NYC311 data users, we developed a one-stop shop site with three core features:

1. A 311 download tool to quickly access the data in a useable format

Get streamlined access to the data and exploratory spatio-temporal analysis.  The user-friendly tool filters and aggregates the data to make it easier to combine with other data sets. 

2. A user manual to better understand where the data comes from

Get a deeper understanding with the data dictionary, considerations about the data that may be valuable for your research, and stories that describe the rich insights from the data set.

3. A compilation of external resources to explore 311-related topics

Find links to external resources that highlight research using the NYC311 data, other tools that visualize the data, and highlights how 311 data is presented in other cities around the country.


About Us

Learn about the team that's compiling these tools to make it easier to incorporate findings from 311 into your own research.

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