How are requests resolved?

This is what it really means when something is "resolved" and the corresponding agencies responsible for resolution of each category of request.


Temporal data considerations:

  • Do service requests have to be resolved by a certain time?  The time frame is set by each agency as outlined in the internal Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  The "due date" column is the date when the responding agency is expected to update the service request.
  • Is the due date automatically calculated from the create date or only once the request is assigned to an agency?
  • Are requests usually closed by the due date?  What happens if it is not resolved by the due date?
  • How often is the resolution action updated?
  • What happens when a request is reassigned to a different agency - is the due date reset?
  • How do these dates relate to the status? (Open = created date; closed = closed date; Cancelled = closed date; Pending = ?; Assigned = Resolution Action Updated Date and triggers Due Date)
  • What is the typical timeline of a service request? (i.e. long does it take to get assigned / resolved / closed?)
  • Who holds agencies accountable to resolving requests?


Temporal filters

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